The Holy Grail of Dating


This course serves as an antidote to the current toxic social landscape that frustrates and deters most men and women who attempt to date. It is a model of how to conduct the process of dating in all aspects. As part of the course assignments you will go on actual date(s) and return to class to rate yourself. 


Coming Out of Your Bubble Module  


Men and women have high expectations for dating partners but a low capacity to overcome even the minimal setbacks they are likely to encounter. The detox component includes excessive use of cell phones, porn, sex toys, dating sites and etc. The PRN component forces you to redirect time spent with mate toward ever increasing pleasure experience categories. Most men and women live in “bubbles” of self isolation and are unprepared to engage members of the opposite sex. People rely on raw popularity alone when this is not enough. The course provides a bridge to ending your self-imposed isolation from the opposite sex. It is designed to increase your access to sex and reduce the need to masturbate.  


The High Value Man 

High value men are defined by: (1) Finance, (2) Authentic Persona, (3) Sexual Performance. The reference here is to the “House of the Man” and the four organic archetypes; warrior, healer, eagle and hunter. It is absolutely critical that every woman obtain clarity on what a real high value man actually is, and abandon any emotional cravings to the contrary. These topics will be explored in class.    


The High Value Woman 

High value women are defined by: (1) Cultural Depth,  (2) Authentic Persona,  (3) Sexual Attractiveness. Of the three measures of value cultural depth is by far the most important of the three. In the world, men place value only on attractiveness and obedience. In this error is a fatal flaw. It is critical that every man gain clarity on what attributes make a woman worth his time. 


Cost = $635    (pay by Dec 30 = $475. Pay by Jan. 30 = $555.)    

Course begins March 12, 2022. Includes 10 sessions, about 10 weeks. 

Participants go on 2 to 3 arranged dates to safe public venues. Partner with other classmates at random or local members from the website. Both parties must consent. At the next class session discuss and rate the dates.